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House   Re-Wires

One of the main causes of electrical fires in the home is faulty and ageing wiring.

How Old Is Your Wiring?

Usually cables are hidden inside walls and consumer units (fuse boxes) are in cupboards, so it's not uncommon to forget to check the electrical installations for wear and tear.

This can be avoided by finding out the age of wiring in your home, and by regularly checking cables, switches, sockets and other accessories for damage or wear.

  • Cables coated in Black Rubber - Phased out in the 1960's
  • Cables coated in lead or fabric - Before 1960's
  • A fuse box with a wooden back, cast iron switches or a mixture of fuse boxes - Before 1960's
  • Older Round Pin Sockets and Round Light Switches, Braided Flex hanging from ceiling roses, Brown and Black Switches and Sockets mounted in Skirting Boards - Before 1960's
  • Wall Mounted Light Switches in Bathrooms - Before 1960's

If your electrical installation has similarities to those listed above then it is likely that it may need renewing, as the installation is likely to be over 50 years old.

Complete Electrical Rewires are required when :- 

The installation is very old.                                                                                                                     

There is far too much work required.

The previous owner or tenant was not a great 'DIY' man.

Cowboy Joe and his son previously wired the house.

Peace of mind, to ensure you have a safe house to live in for you and your family.       



THE BASICS you should be aware of.

House rewires take as little as 3 days through to 10 working days, sometimes a little longer depending on the size of the property, other trades men, and most important is

 if the property is empty or lived in.  Carpets and floor boards are lifted, loft space is accessed, as well as chasing walls and filling holes with some power loss is part of a rewire.

There are 2 main types of Rewire. 

Flush Rewire - All of the above.

Surface Rewire - Plastic surface white trunking is used to hide the cables.  This reduces decor' damage considerably, also less noise and dust as there is little bashing/chasing of walls.








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 Electrical Rewires are carried out to meet the current:

Requirements for Electrical Installations

IEE 18th BS 7671 under the Part P Law with NICEIC

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The price we quote is the price you pay

Part P work is Registered, Guaranteed and Certified

Rewires start from as little as £2000.00 +VAT for a basic Rewire

All Electrical points included, sockets, switches, spurs, pendants, cooker points